Build your site in 3 easy steps

Create your corporate website or any promotional microsites in 3 easy steps, choose any professional design template that fits your business, customize styles and content on prebuilt pages, preview site on specific browser and publish. More>>

Site Builder

Site Builder helps you create new websites/promotional microsites online. Manage multiple sites in one place, create sites quicker by using professional design templates that best suits your need. Content management lets you update your content and publish to the live sites instantly. More>>

Digital Marketing

A complete digital marketing solution with multiple channel support including, email marketing, direct mail marketing, social media marketing and media marketing with custom Campaign and User Management utilities. More>>

Personalized URLs - PURL

Attract your customers and prospects by customizing the promotional URLs with customer name and build dynamic content specific to the end user. More>>

Smart Forms

Collect customer data or feedback using standard common forms, customize or build your own form dynamically to fit your need. Export or generate custom reports based on the customer feedback. More>>

Data Extensions

Manage your own data, user list and marketing content using data extension and build targeted campaigns to customize marketing material for each user. More>>

User Tracking and Analytics

Leverage on built-in User Tracking mechanism to know your users better. Integrate your websites to most popular analytical tools like Google Analytics, WebTrends, etc. instantly using built-in widgets. More>>
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